1. Cooperations - already existing and under construction:

The following organizations and persons are cooperating:

    Research cooperation with Prof. Giselher Guttmann
    For more information, please visit research.
    Austrian Association for Parapsychology
    President Prof. Peter Mulacz is a member of the Scientific Board of the Academy.
    He has already organized an evening on "Remote Viewing" during the first workshop "Workshop" in the summer semester 2015and hold several lectures in the academy.
    Prof. P. Mulacz will be holding an evening on the subject of "Science and Wishful Thinking" on December 1, 2015, in the lecture series "Perspectives of Consciousness Research".
    Consciousness Hacking Group Vienna
    Head: Mag. Helmut Farthofer
    Founded in spring 2015 following the model of the California Consciousness Hacking Meetups by Mickey Siegel.
    Dr. Rudolf Kapellner gave a lecture on "Technology and Consciousness" at the Founding Meetup in June 2015.
    The cooperation represents a pragmatic approach of the research field "Technology and Consciousness" of the Academy.
    At Consciousness Hackathon on 25 and 26 September, Dr. Rudolf Kapellner, and was available for technological mentoring
    Plenum Executive Academy Vienna
    Plenum GmbH stands for sustainability and operates its own Executive Academy.
    The first joint individual events are scheduled for 26 November 2015: Impuls-evenning with Dr. Peter König, Switzerland and Dr. R. Kapellner in Vienna.
    Fra. Trattino Consulting GmbH Zurich
    In July 2015, the cornerstones for the first impulse event in Zurich in winter / spring 2016 were agreed with the owner and managing director Walter Kälin.
    A major wish of this cooperation is the establishment of a consciousness research in Switzerland with the focus on "Future awareness, leadership and business" in Switzerland.

    Institute for Dream and Consciousness Studies Vienna, Dr. Brigitte Holzinger
    Brigitte Holzinger is part of our visiting faculty and gave several workshops on dream states and lucid dreaming.

    Further co-operation meetings are currently under way with:

  • Dr. Wilfried Graf, Interactive Conflict Transformation
  • Dr. Günther Fleck, Institute for Social and Human Sciences of the LAVAK Austria
  • Prof. Thilo Hinterberger: Applied Consciousness Science at the University Regensburg
  • Nora Bateson: Bateson Institute
  • Dr. Louis Klein: European School of Governance

2. Principles and Guidelines for Cooperations:

In the field of "consciousness" and "consciousness perspectives" many institutions and researchers are already working - with different objectives and on different levels. However, their work is usually located on the edge of other fields of research and is not the focus of attention. However, these institutions and ambitious persons have, and have been, given valuable knowledge, manifold know-how and numerous application possibilities.

If you are interested in a cooperation send a simple message about the contact form.

Therefore, the Consciousness Studies Academy identifies relevant and serious research organizations and researchers to contact them and know from each other´s content and scientific background. We are going along with our own scientific quality criteria. If a research organisation or a research project meets these criteria, we make contact and strive for cooperation. On the other way around, several such organizations and individuals approached us, and asked for cooperation already in the first month.

The foundations for cooperation with other organizations and institutions derive from the Academy's vision:

  • Consciousness not only as an edge phenomenon, but as a central perspective on all living areas, as well.
  • To turn the awareness of the academic edge issue into the core issue - for all disciplines and research areas.

The guidelines for co-operation have the following cooperation criteria:

  • What is crucial is the mutual respect for independence.
  • Each of the partners / partner organizations stands for itself, the cooperation is based on an independent relationship without content identification or dominance.
  • Cooperations are expected to create mutual benefits in the medium term.
  • In the case of joint events, the equal representation of the respective cooperation partners must be observed.
  • A completely transparent, appreciative and open handling of the cooperation for all content, organizational and economic interests is considered self-evident.   

Our approach for cooperating with consciousness researchers and institutions is multi - level:

  • Contact and clarify the visions, objectives, positions, approach
  • If these correspond to the principles and basic positions of the Academy, cooperation is strived for
  • Common areas of interest, areas of research and overlaps of content are sought and serve to build up cooperation

The objectives of such collaborations are:

  • Transfer of knowledge, know-how and experience
  • Development of common event formats (meetings, lectures, lectures, publications, etc. - depending on the possibilities)
  • Up to joint conferences, jointly coordinated public relations and
  • Building a lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The results of cooperations:

  • The results are shared and are equally available to both - with appropriate mention, citation and source (correct academic usage).
  • The aim is a network of serious and research-oriented consciousness researchers and research institutions.
  • In principle, the academy wants to build consciousness research as a platform, where consciousness researchers and institutions can network, exchange and share projects.