In the course of the third semester, a number of topics have been developed, which form the core of the Academy's independent institutes.

Three institutes have already been defined and constituted to such an extent that they have an independent workspace with a specific range of programs.

    The "Institute for fundamental principles and philosophy of science on consciousness studies" is directed by Rudolf Kapellner.
    The "Institute for inter- and transdisciplinary consciousness studies" establishes links to scientific disciplines and aspects of consciousness research and is directed by Daniel Dick.
    The "Institute for consciousness and economics" is directed by Dr. Rudolf Kapellner.

Further topics are:

    "Technology and consciousness"
    "Pedagogy, education and development of consciousness"
    "Consciousness practice, personality and self-experience" with first impulses for practical applications.

In the course of the summer semester on thematic working groups the respective institutes will be crystallized with their areas of responsibility and offers.