Research Fields of the Academy

In the meantime, several research fields have already been sort out:

1. Perspectives and Basics of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Consciousness Studies

Although this first research field has already been opened, the Academy will certainly be concerned with the entire period of its existence. Collecting, viewing and examining perspectives, principles of scientific theory, axiomatic definitions and methods, as well as the gathering of interested and cooperative people - because people and their consciousness are first and foremost knowledge, research and development the findings. Cooperation with Giselher Guttmann and other experts has already led to fruitful findings.

Publication comes to all foresight in winter 2017.

2. History of consciousness research

Every discipline has its history. However, due to a previously missing institution for consciousness research, their pioneer is forgotten. In particular, the work of Prof. Dr. Adolf Dittrich, Prof. Manfred Kremser, Prof. Felicitas Goodmann, and many others.

Research has been most advanced with Prof. Dr. Giselher Guttmann, the Head of the Scientific Board of the Academy. It currently consists of three areas:



Together with a small selected group of academy members, since the autumn of 2014 every two to three months has been held a private im- provement on the subject of consciousness research.
Emphasis is placed on the science theory of consciousness research, the consciousness of the future, the psychological and neurophysiological foundations with old and new findings, as well as concrete applications of consciousness research.

The content discussed and edited in the private essence flow directly and indirectly into the work of the Academy, which is a source of constant enrichment and provides many impulses for teaching and application.

Neurobiological research:

Starting out from G. Guttmann's decades-long research and teaching activities in psychology and neuropsychology, experimental experimental designs for neurobiological phenomena and events in consciousness processes are currently being discussed and elaborated. It is planned to carry out these studies in his neurophysiological laboratory at the SFU Vienna.


It is planned to consolidate and publish the contents of the discussion sessions (Privatissimum and other meetings) in a collection of texts and essays on consciousness research.

3. Consciousness and technology

In the biography of R. Kapellner, technology is as important as psychology and physiology. This is reflected in the academic curriculum vitae and finds its current expression in the research field "Consciousness and Technology". Most clearly visible in the project "Audiovisual and transcranial stimulation" by R. Kapellner with G. Guttmann (1988 - 1996, with foothills up to today).

On the basis of numerous publications and lectures by R. Kapellner, the first months since the founding of the academy of this research field, which has already had the first consequences in cooperations (for example, the Consciousness Hacking Group) and events, arose.

Head of the research field "Technology and Consciousness": R. Kapellner

4. Consciousness, management and economy, leadership and future-consciousness

If you work with managers and leaddership in companies on strategic development issues for many years, the question arises as to the respective level of consciousness of the client and the collective mind that works in a company. The questions about consciousness are entrepreneurial: What do I really want?  What is my purpose? And how can I achieve it?

5. Consciousness research and personal history

If someone is interested in "consciousness research", there are (almost) always reasons in the personal biography of those affected. Many of the interested people who have been in contact with the Academy over the course of the years have already had experiences in their childhood and adolescents, which led them to a personal examination of consciousness topics, some visible, some almost already forced and driven, for others as an interested side line in the later life. The personal experiences can range from random encounters in childhood or with family members to extraordinary consciousness experiences.

However, independently of all causes and reasons, today there are numerous people who are very interested in consciousness research.
For this reason the research of one's own personal history is important and valuable to understand the origin and the reasons. Therefore a lecture "Consciousness, I and Personality" is a basis for all further research and work.