Willkommen bei der Akademie für Bewusstseinsforschung! Welcome at Consciousness Studies Academy Vienna!

The Consciousness Studies Academy Vienna is sustained by a collective of independent scientists who share a common interest in investigating the relationship of consciousness to academic research. The academy is an autonomous and independently funded body with prospects for academic accreditation and research, teaching and practice as its main pillars.

In its first year, the focus of the academy was to gather, discuss and condense the existing knowledge in the field of consciousness studies. The extensive and complex subject area of consciousness was presented from various perspectives and disciplines in two lectures and three block lectures entitled "Foundations I and II," "Personality I and II" as well as "Leadership," resulting in the fundamental definitions, maps and multidisciplinary models for consciousness, thereby laying the foundation for pioneering and systematic engagement in consciousness research and practice. This culminated in an evening lecture of Prof. Giselher Guttmann on June 28, 2016, in which he shared his insights on "half a century of consciousness research" as part of his life’s work.

In its second year, the academy engaged in an ongoing process of bridging theory and practice. The basic paradox of consciousness research – the coincidence of observing subject and observed object – demands a novel approach for which there are barely any guidelines in today’s scientific community. The personality of the consciousness researcher and practitioner formed the main focus of the resultant programs with a concentration on the training of self-awareness and an introduction to basic consciousness practices. The summer semester 2017 had as its main theoretical focus the history of consciousness studies together with the findings of previous consciousness researchers. Now we focus at program and research topics 2018.

A detailed history of the Consciousness Studies Academy Vienna is available here, and the current program ...


We look forward to hearing from you!

The team of the academy

Vienna, February 2017